About Lifting Generations (formerly Women Will), an indivisible group

Lifting Generations (formerly Women Will) pledges to promote and protect the rights of women, immigrants and minority communities through peaceful political action, partnering with like-minded activists, and community engagement to champion these causes and inspire others to do the same.

We have four goals to activate our vision:

1) Be aware, visible, and strategic by making our voices heard by our Members of Congress, and at marches, protests, and rallies through nonviolent means.

2) Form and utilize a quick response team to address issues in a timely, coordinated, and peaceful manner.

3) Support pro-choice candidates in open congressional races.

4) Support schools in guaranteeing the rights of minority and immigrant students and responding seriously to threats to these populations.


Lifting Generations (formerly Women Will) is an indivisible group.


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    Voting is Your Superpower!

    On Saturday, June 2nd from 3 PM to 5 PM take part in a yoga class at a beautiful private La Jolla location.  Melt away stress with likeminded folks with the security that your contribution will help to flip Congress to democrats!  The theme of this event is “Voting Is My Superpower!”  We are excited to welcome San Diego City Council President Pro Tem, Barbara Bry, who will be speaking on the importance of voting.
    Enjoy a drink from our Kombucha Bar and walk away with our new t-shirt lovingly designed by artist and LiftGen member Elizabeth Tobias!  There will be an adult yoga class and a kids yoga class led by Lauren Archer and Andrea Esajian.  Don't forget to grab the LiftGen voter guide when you walk out refreshed and rejuvenated and just in time for the June 5th primary!





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