About Lifting Generations (formerly Women Will), an indivisible group

Lifting Generations (formerly Women Will) pledges to promote and protect the rights of women, immigrants and minority communities through peaceful political action, partnering with like-minded activists, and community engagement to champion these causes and inspire others to do the same.

We have four goals to activate our vision:

1) Be aware, visible, and strategic by making our voices heard by our Members of Congress, and at marches, protests, and rallies through nonviolent means.

2) Form and utilize a quick response team to address issues in a timely, coordinated, and peaceful manner.

3) Support pro-choice candidates in open congressional races.

4) Support schools in guaranteeing the rights of minority and immigrant students and responding seriously to threats to these populations.



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Lifting Generations (formerly Women Will) is an indivisible group.

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    Clothing Drive for Migrants



    After a group of us at LiftGen volunteered at the Migrant Shelter on St. Patrick's Day, we asked you to help with clothing donations for migrant children and their families and you really came through!  In just 72 hours our porch was overflowing with bags upon bags of gently used clothing for the families seeking asylum at the shelter run by the San Diego Rapid Response Network.  One evening during those busy 72 hours, my partner answered the door and there stood a Bird Rock dad with huge cardboard boxes of packed with hundreds of brand new socks and t-shirts! The generosity and outpouring of love for migrants seeking asylum in our country is heartening.

    Before this shelter was established a few months ago, migrant families were being dropped with their few belongings on the streets of San Diego to fend for themselves.  Almost all of the families who come to the shelter spend just one night getting a shower, meals, a fresh set of clothing, help with travel plans to their sponsors and any requested medical care.  The shelter serves about 150-300 new migrants each day, so your donations are very much still needed.  If you still have boxes, drawers or bags of clothes you need to move out of your house, you can bring needed items to the shelter's collection center in UTC.  Or if you want to pick an amount and hit the store for needed items, go for it!

    • Shirts and sweaters (sizes small and medium)
    • Pants (sizes 30 x 30 and below or boys XL)and M/S leggings
    • Backpacks (used ok), shoelaces, hats & beanies 
    • Protein bars for travel bags (not granola bars)
    • More international calling cards. These can be bought at Rite Aid, CVS, or Walgreens. We are going through these faster than anticipated, so we really appreciate the donations! 
    • Outdoor toys (no balls please. Tricycles, hula hoops. ask us in advance)
    • You can also shop on our AMAZON WISH LIST!
    Donation Drop-Off Location, Mon-Fri 9am-3pm 
    Good Samaritan Episcopal Church- UTC Area
    4321 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121

    Would you like to learn more about the shelter?  Here is a news video documenting when Governor Newsom visited recently.

    Keep fighting for what you know is right.  We're right here alongside you!


    Chair, Lifting Generations

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