Youth Advocacy Committee Speaks at Senator Feinstein's Office


La Jolla youth spoke their minds and hearts sharing their concerns about the current U.S. administration yesterday at Senator Feinstein's office in downtown San Diego.  Representing the Women Will Youth Advocacy Committee, La Jolla High 9th grader Chair Maya Ordonez Landsberg and 10th grader Oliva Hatch, spoke eloquently about the dehumanization of minoritized groups and the importance of immigrants to our nation.  “The Youth Advocacy Committee works to embody the voices of the youth who want to contribute to the cultivation of their future as citizens of the United States of America, and their concerns being expressed at this meeting do just this,” explains Maya Ordonez Landsberg.  She continues, “It has been enlightening for Olivia and I to see how vocal and passionate our peers are, and we believe that it is the job of our committee to see that the voice of the next generation is never overlooked - as it comes from a genuine perspective that is vital to the fight for change in this country, especially at this trying time.”

In addition, youth from Bird Rock Elementary, Muirlands Middle School, and UC San Diego spoke about a minor instigated lawsuit against the Trump administration for not protecting youth's rights to the pursuit of life, liberty, and property through a clean environment; protecting women's and girl's rights, safety, and equal pay; valuing and protecting undocumented people's rights to due process and Universal Human Rights (United Nations).


We were also honored to have Lorraine Fisher speak about the threats that the Lawrence Family JCC* in has endured over the past few months and how the JCC, law enforcement, and the community has responded. 

Jen Gamez and Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen asked the Senator to stand firm in her protection of youth on issues such as loan forgiveness, the banning of pesticides that harm youth, labor protections for women, and continuing funding of youth programs in the 2018 budget - all of which have been or are under threat of cuts due to the current U.S. administration.

Women Will meets with Ryan Williams, Field Representative, every first Thursday of the month.  If you have a personal story and request of the Senator that aligns with Women Will's vision statement, please contact us about speaking at our meeting.

IMG_8759.JPG*In a previous version of this post the Lawrence Family JCC was named incorrectly. This JCC is the Lawrence Family JCC, Jacobs Family Campus.  

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