Voting is Our Super Power


What an amazing 2 hours on Saturday!  I was so excited to meet City Councilwoman Barbara Bry (pronounced "BREE") that I stumbled over my words when she came walking in the door and announced who she was, "I'm Barbara Bry."  "Yes, I..know..I mean I recognize, I mean..welcome!..."  Barbara Bry was our special guest at our latest fundraising event (we are fundraising to flip Congress to democrats in November 2018).  We welcomed women, men, and their children from our local area who got to hear from Councilwoman Bry describe how yoga helps her in her job and the kind of work she is doing for pay equity and women's rights in the era of Me Too.  Bry also founded Run Women Run that supports San Diego pro-choice women in running for office!  And then we were treated to an amazing yoga class from Lauren Archer Farmer (for the adults) and Andrea Esajian (youth class).  After our mindful hard work we talked politics and power - the power of women - to make our community, country, and world a better place!  Thank you to all of our participant-donors!  We were excited to welcome so many new women to our group!  Watch out world - this is still the year of the woman!  Everyone walked out refreshed with a smile on their face and a voter guide under their arm ready for the primary election on June 5th, 2018!  Need to know where your polling place is?  Check your polling place location here.

A special thank you to Deanna Goldstein for hosting and to Elizabeth Tobias for her beautiful new t-shirt design and for conceptualizing and planning the event!



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