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The election results are mostly in and we are so happy that your contributions and two years of hard work have resulted in flipping the US House to Democratic control!  Come January, we will have a check on the President and the ability to investigate, subpoena, and direct officials to testify under oath.  (Although the Democrats in the House could impeach Trump, Democrats do not have the two-thirds majority in the Senate to be able to convict and remove him, so it may be a better strategy to wait on Mueller's report.) The Democrats in the House will be able to draft legislation and bring it to the floor for votes!

Having control of the House is excellent news and despite some stinging losses, the incredible Democratic wins in typically Republican places is astounding and bodes well for 2020 when many more Republican Senate seats will be up for election!  We've won an important battle and our future looks bright for 2020!

How did the candidates that we funded do?  Here are the results as of the writing of this email:

Mike Levin CA-49 WINS!

Ann Kirkpatrick AZ-2 WINS!

Donna Shalala FL-27 WINS!

Krysten Sinema AZ-Senate TOO CLOSE TO CALL!

Ammar Campa-Najjar CA-50 LOSES :-(

Importantly, this midterm election was an historic win for women, people of color, and minoritized peoples!  Together, hundreds of groups just like ours across the country made the the House flip to Democrats and voted in the people whose voices and ideas need to be heard in our government.  We thank you from the deepest places in our hearts for your support.

Now, we are ready to strategize for 2020!  We know that we can count on you to continue fighting for the rights of women, immigrants, and minoritized peoples.  We'll be in touch soon with our next actions, events, educational opportunities, and news!


Chair, LiftGen

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