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On August 12th LiftGen Legal Affairs Chair, Deanna Niño and Chair, Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen engaged with the ACLU's Virtual Lobby Day in Sacramento.  We spoke with Assemblymember Todd Gloria this morning to ask him to support two important bills currently in the California Legislature:  AB 901 Reducing Criminalization of Youth and SB 731 Kenneth Ross Jr. Police Decertification Act.  AB 901 will support youth and keep them on track by providing educational resources, tutoring, counseling, mentoring and other appropriate supports, rather than pushing them into the juvenile justice system.  And SB 731 helps decertify police officers who have been fired for excessive force, sexual misconduct and dishonesty.  Assemblymember Gloria said he was in support of AB 901 and talked about the need to put more funding into social services.

Being on the call was inspiring because it reminded us that we can make a huge impact on the lives of minoritized communities and all of us, decriminalizing People of Color through direct conversations with legislators.  It reminds all of us that elected officials work for us and need to hear from us!

You can make your voice heard too! 

Call Your Lawmakers! 📱

Connector Line to Call Your CA Assemblymembers: 1-833-946-2258


Connector Line to Call Your CA Senators: 1-844-924-2258


What to say when calling legislators about SB 731 & AB 901:



My name is [NAME] and I live in [CITY]. I urge you to support SB 731 & AB 901.


SB 731 will help keep Californians safe and make sure that officers who violate the law cannot continue bouncing from department to department. This bill will create a process to remove abusive police from the streets and protect historically marginalized people targeted by police violence.


[Personal story here if applicable.]


AB 901 will prevent innocent young people from being pushed into the criminal justice system. Many innocent youth are on “informal probation” for non-criminal behavioral problems such as poor grades, being late to class, or talking during class. Placing youth under the supervision of probation officers when they haven’t been accused of a crime is not the response our youth need. 


[Personal story here if applicable.]


Please support AB 731 & AB 901. Thank you

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