Lifting Generations Bylaws


Lifting Generations

San Diego, CA

August 17, 2017


Article I.  PURPOSE

The name of the organization shall be Lifting Generations.



Lifting Generations (formerly Women Will) pledges to promote and protect the rights of women, immigrants and minority communities through political action, partnering with like-minded activists, and community engagement to champion these causes and inspire others to do the same.

We have four goals to activate our vision:

1) Be aware, visible, and strategic by making our voices heard by our Members of Congress, and at marches, protests, and rallies.

2) Form and utilize a quick response team to address issues in a timely and coordinated manner.

3) Support pro-choice candidates in open congressional races.

4) Support schools in guaranteeing the rights of minority and immigrant students and responding seriously to threats to these populations.



Membership is comprised of the Steering Committee members and General members who sign up on our website.  We will strive to be inclusive in our membership such that our Steering Committee members are representative of the minority communities we intend to serve as described in our vision.



There are at least 10 members of the the Steering Committee and include the following members: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Publicity Chair, Meetings and Membership Chair, Immigrant and Minority Rights Chair, Education Chair, Youth Advocacy Chair, and Legal Affairs Chair.


Duties of the Chair:

  • Facilitate meetings to allow for full participation and build consensus.

  • Support and guide organization growth in alignment with our vision.

  • Support chairs of committees.

  • Draft weekly newsletter.

  • Update website.

  • Serve as liaison to Senator Feinstein

Duties of the Secretary:

  • Take and record meeting minutes on Google Drive

  • Keep update record of members on Google Drive

  • Assist with website

  • Confer with Lifting Generations Chair

Duties of the Fundraising Chair:

  • Serve as Treasurer for the organization by managing and reporting on finances of the organization including Political Action Committee (PAC) and Federal Elections Commission (FEC) accounting and filing

  • Oversee fundraising in coordination with the Meetings & Membership Chair for fundraising events; and Publicity Chair for PAC marketing and other Committees as needed to manage fundraising online and face to face campaigns

Duties of the Assistant Treasurer:

  • Manage and report on finances of the organization in absence of the Fundraising Chair/Treasurer

  • Serve as an internal auditor of Fundraising Chair’s accounting and reports.

Publicity Chair

  • Write and distribute press releases

  • Promote and publicize our campaigns and events on social media (Twitter, Instagram, FB)

  • Promote website content to social media

  • Call news media desks and pitch stories for actions

Meetings and Membership Chair

  • Keep record of web members.

  • Secure meeting space, catering.

  • Logistics for events.

  • Membership drives.


Immigrant and Minority Rights Chair

  • Stay up-to-date on minority/immigrant issues.

  • Propose and lead actions.

  • Build/update website page.

  • Eblast newsletter/calls to action.


Education Chair

  • Organizes website.

  • Posts interpretations of news stories.

  • Posts relevant info, 5,10, & more time actions.

  • Build website resources.


Youth Advocacy Chair

  • Provide minority/immigrant youth resources on webpage.

  • Plan youth-focused actions.

  • Run bi-montlhy meetings with committee.

  • Report on what youth need in schools.


Legal Affairs Chair

  • Providing legal opinion as needed actions and campaigns..

  • Provides legal briefs on relevant cases.

  • Staying up-to-date on legal issues.

  • Providing content to website/newsletter.


Section 1Number of Chairs and Members

The Steering Committee will have have up to 20 but not fewer than 10 chairs in good standing.

Section 2Term

Members shall be elected by the Steering Committee and Committee members for 2 year terms and are eligible for re-election if nominated.  Terms begin in December and end in November.

Section 3Elections

All members of the Steering Committee and committee members will elect new members for any vacant seats.  All new members will be recommended and nominated by current members of the Steering Committee. Prospective members will attend a Steering Committee meeting during which time the Steering Committee may nominate the member for a position on the Steering Committee.  If the nomination is accepted, the Steering Committee and committee members may then make a decision.

Section 4Quorum

A quorum will consist of a simple majority (51%) of the Lifting Generations Steering Committee.  A quorum of the committee must be present to conduct business.  


Section 5Meetings

Regular meetings of the Steering Committee shall be held every 2 weeks, on Saturdays, with meeting location and time sent at least 24 hours in advance. Special meetings of the Steering Committee may be held at any time upon twenty-four (24) hour notice, oral or written, in person or electronically, by the Chair, and notified by the Secretary.


Section 6Notice of Meetings

Written notice stating the place, date, and hour of any regular meeting of the Committee shall be delivered electronically to each member.


Section 7Electronic Meetings

Members of the Steering Committee or any sub-committee designated by the Steering Committee may participate in a meeting by means of conference telephone or similar communications equipment. Participation in a meeting pursuant to this section shall constitute presence at such meeting.


Section 8Resignations, Removal, and Absences

Resignation from Steering Committee members must be in writing and received by the Chair or the Secretary. Steering Committee members may be removed from the Steering Committee due to inactivity that was not communicated in advance to the Steering Committee. A Steering Committee member may be removed for other reasons by a three-fourths vote of the quorum.


Section 9Vacancies

Vacancies occurring on the Steering Committee may be filled by the procedures described in Section 3 at any time by approval of three-fourths vote of the quorum.  The term length will be for the remaining term of the position.


In the event a vacancy occurs in any Officer’s position, it shall be filled in the following manner until the next annual election:

  1. Chair - The Secretary shall assume the office.

  2. In case of vacancy in the office of both Chair and Secretary, the duties of the Chair shall be performed by the Meetings & Membership Chair, until replacements are elected by the Steering Committee.

  3. The Steering Committee shall elect replacements for all other vacancies.



Section 1Committee Formation

The Steering Committee may create Committees as needed. All Committee chairs must be drawn from the membership of the Steering Committee. Each member is part of a Committee unless they are a chair, co-chair, or secretary. Limited term ad hoc Committees may be formed at any time as needed by the Steering Committee; standing committees shall be formed with the affirmation of the Steering Committee.


Section 2Committee Meetings

Committees must meet at least six times per year, either in person or virtually, and should report out during regularly scheduled Steering Committee meetings.



Section 1.Amendments

The Steering Committee shall review the Bylaws annually in November. In order to amend the Bylaws, notice of the proposed amendment shall be delivered in writing to the Chair at least two weeks prior to the time of the vote on the proposed amendment. The Bylaws shall be amended by a consensus of the Steering Committee. Bylaws can also be amended as needed in alignment of the Steering Committee vision.



Section 1.Process of Decision-Making

Matters will be discussed with a goal of seeking consensus. If it becomes apparent that consensus cannot be reached at the meeting, the Chair will take a vote as to whether the issue must be decided at the meeting or can be tabled for future discussion and decision. If three-fourths or more of quorum indicate a need for decision at the meeting, voting will be held on proposals regarding the issue. The proposals can then be carried by three-fourths or greater of quorum.

Bylaws certified by the Steering Committee:


Dated:___19 August 2017_____________

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