Calling Party for Ammar Campa-Najjar!


Flipping the 50th!

Thanks to the LiftGen members who came over to call voters in the 50th District to encourage them to vote for Ammar Campa-Najjar for Congress!  It was important and enjoyable work.  We were able to call over 100 voters in a short period of time, marking our responses in the dialing system, answering questions, and sharing about Ammar's positions on the issues. 

We're flipping this district!

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LiftGen Meets with Senator Doug Jones (D) of Alabama

LiftGen Meets Senator Doug Jones




October 8, 2018

San Diego, CA - Thanks to LiftGen member Deanna Niño, Lifting Generation members were able to meet with Senator Doug Jones (D) of Alabama who won Jeff Sessions congressional seat when Sessions became US Attorney General.  We gained insight on what is happening in congress from Senator Jones' on the ground perspective.  Jones made it clear that we are indeed facing significant challenges to the rights of women and that change in leadership is needed.  He said that his desire to run for congress was spurred by watching the women's march.  We look forward to partnering with Jones to advocate for the rights of women in the United States.  We also learned that he has high hopes for the Mueller investigation to bring those who have broken the law to justice.

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LiftGen Endorses Ammar Campa-Najjar for Congress!







We are proud to announce our endorsement of Ammar Campa-Najjar for U.S. Congress for CA-50.  Ammar is an advocate for the rights of women, immigrants, and minoritized communities.  We want to help flip this district!  Ammar's campaign has asked for our help canvassing and making phone calls.  If you would like to help out, please let us know ASAP.

Become a member today and help flip this and other flippable Congressional districts!

Thank you for your support!

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Blackkklansman Viewing




Thank you to all who participated in our special viewing of Blackkklansman at the Lot La Jolla on August 19th!  We sold out the event and filled the theater.  Following a happy hour LiftGen supporters were treated to an introduction to the film by Steven Adams, award-winning producer.  The film is a powerful introduction to our country's history of violent white supremacy and how different law enforcement agencies aided and fought white supremacy. Following the viewing, Mr. Miller engaged the audience in a Q & A session about the relevance of fighting white supremacy today.  Lifting Generations is proud to sponsor local community educational events that further our vision of supporting the rights of women, minoritized communities, and immigrants.  Proceeds from tickets sales for this event go to candidates who will flip congress to democratic control in November 2018.

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Marching for Justice for Immigrants



It was loud.  Our children led chants: "Show me what democracy looks like!"  And the adults marched and responded: "This is what democracy looks like!"  For me, marching for a just cause involves intense moments of tears from the hope that moving en masse with other likeminded folks reminding me we are powerful together and chills when the enormity of the resistance overwhelms me.  For two Saturdays in a row Lifting Generation members marched to protest the Trump Administration's cruel zero-tolerance policy against asylum-seeking families who are victims of separating and locking up children away from their parents.  Along with thousands of San Diegans and hundreds of marches across the United States, we showed our collective outrage that our country is not living up to it's ideals.  It was uplifting to chant with hundreds of others and to see people waving in support on the sidewalks and high in windows of tall buildings.  We would wave and cheer at our supporters, joining them into our spirit of resistance.  


As we move forward, we are staying focused on the goal: flipping congress in November 2018 to democrats so that we can push for peace and progress through promoting women's rights, immigrant's rights, and the rights of people of color.  We will not give in! Marching and our collective work fuels us for the road ahead!  Hold hands with us however you can. Come and march, phonebank, buy a t-shirt, follow our Facebook page, join us at a steering committee meeting, give to our PAC so we can fund a congressional candidate who needs it to get over the hump before November!  Email me at [email protected] if you want to get more involved!  As always, thank you for your support.  



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Voting is Our Super Power


What an amazing 2 hours on Saturday!  I was so excited to meet City Councilwoman Barbara Bry (pronounced "BREE") that I stumbled over my words when she came walking in the door and announced who she was, "I'm Barbara Bry."  "Yes, I..know..I mean I recognize, I mean..welcome!..."  Barbara Bry was our special guest at our latest fundraising event (we are fundraising to flip Congress to democrats in November 2018).  We welcomed women, men, and their children from our local area who got to hear from Councilwoman Bry describe how yoga helps her in her job and the kind of work she is doing for pay equity and women's rights in the era of Me Too.  Bry also founded Run Women Run that supports San Diego pro-choice women in running for office!  And then we were treated to an amazing yoga class from Lauren Archer Farmer (for the adults) and Andrea Esajian (youth class).  After our mindful hard work we talked politics and power - the power of women - to make our community, country, and world a better place!  Thank you to all of our participant-donors!  We were excited to welcome so many new women to our group!  Watch out world - this is still the year of the woman!  Everyone walked out refreshed with a smile on their face and a voter guide under their arm ready for the primary election on June 5th, 2018!  Need to know where your polling place is?  Check your polling place location here.

A special thank you to Deanna Goldstein for hosting and to Elizabeth Tobias for her beautiful new t-shirt design and for conceptualizing and planning the event!



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Voting is Your Superpower!

On Saturday, June 2nd from 3 PM to 5 PM take part in a yoga class at a beautiful private La Jolla location.  Melt away stress with likeminded folks with the security that your contribution will help to flip Congress to democrats!  The theme of this event is “Voting Is My Superpower!”  We are excited to welcome San Diego City Council President Pro Tem, Barbara Bry, who will be speaking on the importance of voting.
Enjoy a drink from our Kombucha Bar and walk away with our new t-shirt lovingly designed by artist and LiftGen member Elizabeth Tobias!  There will be an adult yoga class and a kids yoga class led by Lauren Archer and Andrea Esajian.  Don't forget to grab the LiftGen voter guide when you walk out refreshed and rejuvenated and just in time for the June 5th primary!





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We ❤️ Dreamers Galentines Gathering



Join Lifting Generations on February 10, 2018

for a Galentines Brunch

in Honor of Dreamers

Bring Your Best Gals 

Purchase Tickets Here

Private La Jolla Home

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Mueller Time fundraiser earns over $1k for Lifting Generations PAC

It's Mueller Time!

The Lifting Generations Mueller Time fundraiser was a huge success earning over $1,000 for our PAC. Thank you to all who attended and we're looking forward to more successful fundraisers in 2018!

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Blue Tide + Get Ready for the Women's March 2018


Last week, something incredible happened when we saw a state that has had two Republican Senators for over 20 years, elect a a pro-choice progressive Democrat to the U.S. Senate. A blue tide is washing over the traditionally red states, the Republicans better get out of the way!

We have seen that our grassroots efforts can pay off and all the traditionally red seats up for election in 2018 are flippable. Lifting Generations is focusing our attention on the California 49th and 50th Congressional Districts as well as some of the most flippable seats nationwide.  We will be supporting pro-choice, pro-minority and immigrant rights Democrat candidates with our PAC as well as our grassroots efforts.

Become a member of the Lifting Generations PAC and make a difference by helping to flip Congress and get the real work done. Membership information is available here:




Lifting Generations is passionate about making our voices heard and are looking forward to participating in the 2nd Annual Women's March.

On January 14th, please join us in a night of celebration for the launch of our Political Action Committee. We'll be sharing pizza and making posters for the Women's March on January 20th. The cost is only $20 and we'll provide all the poster materials, dinner & refreshments. This is a family friendly event.  Tickets are available here

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