Know What's Going On: US Senate & House Legislative Calendars


The US Senate Legislative Calendar is an important tool to use to find out what's happening on this day in DC.  Click here to find what Congress will be working on today -- scroll down to "Document in Context" and click on "PDF."  Here's where you can find the US House calendar for the current day.

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Women Will Members Speak Out Against Islamophobia


Women Will members spoke tonight at San Diego Unified School District's school board meeting to support recent efforts by the district to protect Muslim student.  The anti-bullying program is intended to make sure that Muslim students in SDUSD are protected through a program to educate students about Islam.  Thank you to Women Will members Andrea Esajian, Elif Tinney, Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen, and Laura Beiser whose statement was caught by Board Member Kevin Beiser and posted on his Facebook feed with appreciation!IMG_0177.JPG

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Impeachment March


Thank you Women Will Legal Affairs Co-Chair Deanna Niño and family for representing us in the San Diego Impeachment March on July 2, 2017!  Thank you, also, to Mira Costello Women Will Fundraising Chair for representing us in Umbia, Italy for their Impeachment March!  Women Will believes that Trump should be impeached due to his business holding in foreign governments, his lying, and his unconstitutional and hateful policies to name just a very few of the ways that he is not fit or qualified to be President of the United States.

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Please Help Reunite Angel and Loris Who is Facing Deportation!

**UPDATE: July 13, 2017. Unfortunately, despite all in our community fighting hard as well as Senators Feinstein and Harris sending inquiries on Angel's behalf, Loris was deported to Italy.  Now the legal battle begins to bring these husbands back together.  Please contribute to their GoFundMe campaign if you can (Please visit our gofundme page to donate. ) or to a fund for another family who is losing a family member to an unjust deportation.  Please write and call your US Senators and ask them to adopt a sane immigration policy and to stop the abuses of immigrants and their families.**
Please also watch Angel's Video thank you to all of you who have donated.
Yesterday, Angel Osuna (Women Will member) and Loris Speltini were returning to San Diego after spending the day in Tijuana, Mexico and were stopped by Border Patrol.  After showing their identification, being questioned and searched Loris was taken away by Border Patrol. Angel is a US citizen and a full time student at UCSD studying sociology.  Loris is an Italian national here on a visa. Loris and Angel were married a year ago. The Border Patrol said that Loris’ visa is invalid because he is married and living here.  Neither Angel or Loris were allowed to use their phones while at Border Patrol and once Angel left Border Patrol to find legal help, for many hours Angel could not locate Loris. When Angel found out where Loris was being detained and brought him clothes and a toothbrush, Border Patrol would not let Angel see Loris.  They are forcing Loris to be deported even though Loris has volunteered to leave back to Italy.  An involuntary deportation could bar Loris from returning to his husband for years.  Although an immigration lawyer is trying to push for his voluntary deportation so that he may be able to return on a different visa with less of a delay, there is not much chance of the Border Patrol allowing this.  The bottom line is that Angel and Loris will most likely be separated - possibly for years – because, unknown to them, he had the wrong kind of visa.  The Border Patrol will essentially “punish” Loris with a 3 year ban for trying to return from a day trip in Tijuana with his husband to San Diego.  The current US administration’s crack-down on immigration has resulted in a married couple likely being torn apart for years.  Angel is a low-income student who qualifies for Medical.  Loris also does not have financial resources.  Angel is on track to graduate UCSD next year and plans to go to law school. The financial and emotional burden this has inflicted could shatter those plans.  Please help Angel with any amount so he can pay for the last-minute flight for Loris to be deported to Italy, legal fees, housing for Angel (as he may have to move out of married housing), lost work time and income.

Please visit our gofundme page to donate. 


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Dr. Cohn Dazzles Us with Knowledge at Second Speakers Series a Success


A big thank you to Dr. Marjorie Cohn who shared her legal and political expertise with us at our Second Speakers Series and General Membership Meeting.  Dr. Cohn spoke with Women Will supporters and members about the travel ban and withdrawal from the Paris Accords.  She described the legal foundations of an impeachable offense and outlined how this administration has not followed the law in a variety of ways.  Dr. Cohn graciously took questions from the audience and offered thoughtful and context-specific responses to questions that increased our knowledge.  

Thank you also to Women Will members Sarita Ordonez, Co-Chair of Legal Affairs and Maya Landsberg, Chair of Youth Advocacy, who presented an engaging and powerful introduction their work at Women Will.  Gratitude is also due Ana Anderson, Co-Chair of Meetings and Membership, who assured the evening went off smoothly and with tasty appetizers and drinks.  A special thank you goes to Andrea Esajian, Kristi Blackburn, and Cindy Phillips for your help with the space.


Please mark your calendars and save the date for our 3rd Speakers Series & General Membership Meeting on July 18th!


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Join Women Will to Phonebank for Jon Ossoff


Our second phone banking action to flip the House in 2008 will be on June 17th from 10 AM – 1 PM. Join us to make calls to Georgia voters to support Jon Ossoff on June 21st when they go to the polls for a special election.

What: Phone Banking Action to flip the 6th District in Georgia to a Democrat, Jon Ossoff.

When: Saturday, June 17th from 10 AM- 1 PM.

Where: San Diego County Democratic Party 8340 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste. 105, San Diego, California 92111

RSVP/QUESTIONS: GETINVOLVED@SCOTTPETERS.COM (You have to send an email asking to phonebank so they can register you and determine how much training you need. Brand new callers are welcome!)

WW Point of contact: Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen

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Resist with Quist Calling Party Re-cap


Thanks to Women Will members and supporters, last night we called a dozens of voters in Montana, encouraging them to consider voting for Rob Quist, a political outsider and democrat who has a chance of turning Montana blue on May 25th.  We got to work quickly learning how to use the hub-dailer and remembering to not hang up the phone.  The system is pretty cool and connects you to the next voter automatically.  Women Will supporters are welcome to call using the script and hub-dailer tool up until Election Day.  Watch the instructional video and get started! 

And if you want to do more, connect with Swing Left and start your own calling party to flip a House swing district in the next election!

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March for Science


Women Will members marched for science in downtown San Diego with their children.  The peaceful march was well-attended and cerebral.  The many signs created by "proud nerds," scientists, and engineers to name just a few emphasized the rigorous nature of scientific research and power of science to make our lives better.  Often seen were "Science saves lives." and "Science is real."  There is a tight connection between scientific research and the health and welfare of women and children.  Without rigorous science and policies that support and fund it, women and the most vulnerable groups will suffer the most.  Women Will supports science!

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Fighting Trumpcare: A How To Guide


May 5, 2017

Yesterday the U.S. House passed Trumpcare.  If it passes the U.S. Senate and is signed by President Trump, it will become law.  We know that many of you and your family members have preexisting conditions that the current proposed legislation would allow states to make your heath insurance rates too costly to buy.  We must resist and push our Senators to vote no!  Here's a guide from the Indivisible Guide to resisting Trumpcare.  First and foremost, call your Senators and leave a message today saying that you oppose Trumpcare and you want your Senators to convince their Republican colleagues to vote no!  AND please call friends and family in other states and ask them to call.  Our lives literally depend on it.

Senator Feinstein  (202) 224-3841

Senator Harris (202) 224-3553

Read more about how you can resist at the Indivisible Guide.

#womenwillbecauseprogresscantwait #womenwill

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General Membership & Speaker Series Kickoff A Success


Dr. Sierra Washington speaking at the General Membership Meeting April 25th, 2017


Dr. Dawn Hagan, Co-Chair of Political Action and Strategy speaking on becoming an activist

Many of you attended our first general membership meeting last evening.  We were moved by your attendance and so happy to see all of you!  

We heard your feedback about wanting to learn more about “how” to get involved.  We also heard your numerous comments about how Dr. Washington and our steering committee inspired you and fed your desire to be more involved.  In keeping our commitment to you, below you will find various ways in which you can get involved straight away. 

Spread the word, invite your friends and family to become a general member of Women Will by signing up on our website: https://womenwill.


Petitions are an important part of being heard by our elected representatives.  Below are two resources where you can make great impact.

1. ACLU Pledge to Persist:




If you have not marched yet, it's time to feel the energy of like-minded people as you move en masse for a cause you are passionate about!  Politicians are watching news coverage of marches and they want to know if large numbers of voters represent an issue.  This will change our politicians' positions, votes, and actions!

What: May 1st International Worker's Day March

When: Monday, May 1, 2017  3:00-8:00 PM 


WW Point of contact: Elif Tinney (Meet at 2nd Ave & G Street- in front of Ralphs between 2:45 and 3pm)


Many of us are new to political action, so we have to keep learning as we work for progress!  An invaluable inspiration for the Women Will steering committee was The Indivisible Guide written by congressional staffers. 

We encourage you to read through it as we did.  

Here's a key idea from the Indivisible Guide: 

It’s all about reelection, reelection, reelection To influence your own Member of Congress (MoC), you have to understand one thing: every House member runs for office every two years and every Senator runs for election every six years. Functionally speaking, MoCs are always either running for office or getting ready for their next election — a fact that shapes everything they do. To be clear, this does not mean that your MoC is cynical and unprincipled. The vast majority of people in Congress believe in their ideals and care deeply about representing their constituents and having a positive impact. But they also know that if they want to make change, they need to stay in office. 
This constant reelection pressure means that MoCs are enormously sensitive to their image in the district or state, and they will work very hard to avoid signs of public dissent or disapproval. What every MoC wants — regardless of party — is for his or her constituents to agree with the following narrative:
“My MoC cares about me, shares my values, and is working hard for me.”
— What every MoC wants their constituents to think


Please let us know if you would like to get involved with Women Will.  You can start the process by sending an email to the committee or co-chair listed below and let them know how you can help.  

General: Trish trish@

Legal Affairs Co-Chair: Deanna

Youth Advocacy Committee Chair: Maya

Immigrant & Minority Rights Committee Chair: Elif

Political Action and Strategy Co-chair: Dawn

Meetings & Membership Co-chair: Ana

Publicity Committee Chair: Jen jenniferglickmangamez@

Fundraising Committee Chair: Mira

Women Will because progress can't wait!



Chair of Women Will


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